Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Deer Love

I just finished this story for a graphic narrative competition I heard about through the awesome comic shop Gosh! in London. The winner will be announced at the Comica Festival happening next month for which I have booked a table to sell my stuff. I really can't wait.

Also: I believe I have enough short stories now to create an anthology zine so do look for that story to be on sale at the festival too!

'Deer Love' is a love story that ends before it begins, the characters fall deeply in love despite the fact they are wearing masks the entire night. Though the evening is romantic, fun and a little cliche, the couple never blossoms into a relationship because of the looming fear of potential loss and painful realization that magic fades, connections break and full moons retreat.

Thanks to Cory Roberts and Kathleen Sanders for the editing and kind words.